What Other 3D Rendering App Will Import Daz4/Genesis?

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I read that Carrera 8.5 will Import Genesis models with out many problems, but will anything else like 3d max 2012 or any other of the many 3D programs out do it as good or better? I'm looking to render with realism in mind but don't know where to begin. Any knowledgeable help welcome.

Some of the images I've seen from 3d max look stunningly real, but how hard is it to get daz figures with textures and such in?


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    I had a long post typed and lost the .... thing because of the flaky way the forum is working.

    3DS Max, last time I looked, is about $5,000, which is a lot of money

    The reality plugin for DS4.5 can be used inside DAZ Studio, and uses Luxrender which is an unbiased renderer, free, and updated frequently. Blender also has the Cycles render engine whcih can produce amazing results. There are some scripts by a forum member here that can be used to get DAZ figures into Blender. Blender is also free and frequently updated.

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    Thank you. I will check out iClone, but also I am interested to know if The reality plugin for DS4.5 renders slow or not? I heard it was as slow as Uber light renders.

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