Recommended reading for Bryce 7.5?

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Hi all,

So, I've started getting seriously into learning Bryce, but am finding it difficult to find resources that seem very helpful. I either find a lot of dead links, links to videos that are out-dated, or in another language.

I have found the videos by David Brinnen and, while his videos are a great showcase of what Bryce can do, for me, I find them very difficult to follow. He kinda jumps around, clicking this, clicking that, clicking this other thing, switching to this window, clicking a few things, closing that window... going back to this other window, clicking a bunch of stuff... and just generally bouncing around the interface a lot, all while describing what he's doing as quickly as he's clicking.

For me, it's very difficult to follow or understand all of what he's doing enough to understand or retain any of it. So, while it's very insightful and inspiring to watch his videos in terms of seeing what Bryce can do, I think I need something a bit slower-paced to learn the program with. Something a bit more "newbie-speed".

Sooo.. I'm looking for some good tutorials on Bryce online, something that perhaps works on a kind of project basis. I've found a few tutorials, but they seem to be very "task oriented", not so much "beginners tutorials". Bryce has a very deep material system, for example, and I've found tutorials that either scratch the absolute very basics of it, or dive way into the tools. I haven't found anything in -between.

So, that's kinda what I'm looking for. Tutorials, or videos, or maybe even a book that starts with the absolute basics, works into the more moderate elements, and then gets a bit into the deeper, more complicated things. This way I can follow a normal progression of learning, building on what I've already learned.

Any suggestions?


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