Animating in daz studio and exporting in blender

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How i do for exporting an animation of animateLite and import this in blender?

For exporting the mesh and skeleton i use export->DAE. For animation i use bhv? Or used fbx and i select animations?
Whale method you say?


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    DAE should work, however you first need to export the animation from the AniMate Timeline to the standard timeline: right click on Animate tab and select "Studio Keys".

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    tnk for answer, but for my problem the format dae is not possible
    while if i export with fbx? The panel of fbx exporter say also animation and other option. I need know what options select for a actor with skeleton and animation?

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    DAE from Daz to Blender works ok in my tests

    try reading "Convert DAZ Studio TO Blender 2.5 – By Andrea Rotondo"

    Also, mcasual scripts can use blender cycles render for animations

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    Hi tnks for your help,
    my problem is what i not want use DAE file(problem with exporter after in egg). I want the mesh with skeleton: not animating and animating. the system that you proposed is utile only for render. is utile also dae explanation.
    Do you propose Another method for my problem?

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    FBX is also correct. The options seem rather self-explanatory to me (except Allow Degraded Skinning and Scaling, which I am not sure what they do exactly). Select what you need, if it's an animating figure that needs to morph on the end application, select:

    Embed textures does what it says: the textures are included in the FBX file. You can select "Collect textures to folder" instead for a smaller FBX file with a separate texture folder.

    "Merge Clothing into Figure Skeleton" I think is useful for most other programs that do not understand the DAZ Studio way of skeleton parenting.
    If you need expression morphs, you may need to edit the Morph Export Rules, there is a thread somewhere explaining it (, I'm not familiar with it myself.

    By the way, if you are exporting an AniBlock you first need to send the aniMate keyframes from to the standard timeline. Right click in the grey area of the AniMate timeline and select "Studio Keys".

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