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For the first time in a while, everything seemed to work on the DAZ store. I connected (from my iPad), and saw new releases correctly without having to mess with the URL. It showed MY name in the top right, with the right Wishlist count and shopping cart count. I checked the cart, and the Fantasy Bath set was priced correctly for a PC member. I tossed a few other items in the cart, and everything worked right.

I checked out, using a PayPal debit card not direct PP purchase, admittedly, and it all worked, Clicked Downloadable Products from the post-payment page, and there was all the stuff I'd ordered, and I am now happily downloading them.

If you're still having trouble, please don't take this wrong. All I'm saying is that the whole process can work, and there has clearly been work to make it functional again. There is, IMO, a light visible. If it can work for me, it can work for anyone, eventually. I have not seen one instance of bad data showing up tonight.

I'm sure we're not out of the woods yet, but I believe they've done something right tonight. I have renewed faith.

Feel free to respond with your own success stories! Best of luck with your purchases and renders!

-- Morgan

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    I had a small hiccup this morning. However, I'm pretty sure that I can blame my browser for that; my order stalled... but in the end, it DID go through. And resetting my download fixed the "pending" status, since my order had already cleared and listed. Successful download, successful install, nothing bad happened. The only actual snafu to happen was way back then when the store was still wet from birth, and I got that one resolved later -- all my other purchases (and freebie downloads) have been successful.

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    Thanks for this lovely positive thread, I have had very few probs since the new store opened, even successfully buying stuff I think from day two, its all been reasonably pain free, but I do have sympathy with the members that have had successive problems.

    Be well :)

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    After having problems with the freebie a few days ago I was reluctant to try again with a cash purchase, but I really wanted the Men of Character 2 set so I decided to try, and it worked fine (using PayPal). Very quick and smooth.

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    I've bought a bunch of stuff using the new store, a few hickups before but the last times it has been smooth.
    Feels so good to get the weekly doze of DAZ-drugs ;-)

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    I had trouble in the beginning getting the $1.00 items to process through correctly, but I really wanted AntFarm's and Rawn's new items, so I took the plunge with the store again, and I am pleased to announce I had no issues either. I think we are on the road to recovery.

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    I haven't bought anything here for the last week or so because of the downright flaky and untrustworthy state of the store, but some things do seem to have improved. Bought some stuff last night to take advantage of the RawArt sale, and the actual purchase procedure and downloads worked OK.

    Still got all the other problems, though — unable to see new stuff in the store, can't see the whole store, near-random order of appearance, no end-of-sale dates or sale price breakdowns, etc., etc., and so on and so forth...

    Plus all the forum bugs, glitches and just-plain-weirdnesses.

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