Total Re-install

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OK! I've had enough of DS3 adv freezing on me everytime I try to do anything with it. Now before all you nice folks at Daz get upset with me, "IT IS NOT THE SOFTWARE"
My faithfull old XP comp is struggling, my content folder is a mess, a lot of my stuff is not showing properly in the runtime folder and the last time I did a search for content studio told me I have too many runtimes.

So, the only way to sort all this out is to do a nice clean reinstall of DS3 adv and build a whole new runtime folder.
There is no point in installing DS4pro cos my comp just won't go there.

Anyway, all tips, tricks, suggestions, plans of attack or comments for setting up this new runtime would be really appreciated.

I also have Bryce 5.5, 6.3, 7.1pro installed, is there any way when using the Daz / Bryce bridge to point Studio to B6 instead of B7.



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