something uplifting: Valentine's Day for the Homeless (OT)

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So, when this little girl showed up, her name is Lauren, I went up to her mother, and I asked her: "what's her favourite Disney movie?"

Her mother gave me the answer I was hoping for: that she doesn't have a favourite, she loves them all! So, then I asked, who was her favourite Disney princess? Same answer: turns out, they go to Disneyland quite a bit, and Lauren is completely into it... This is the second time she's been to the refuge, and I have to tell you, that picture of her is exactly what she's like! Bubbly, smart, energetic...

Anyway, so I told her, and I meant every word, that she looked a lot like Ariel... but she reminded me of Belle... :)


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    What a wonderful and caring girl she is. It probably means even more because she gives so freely and cheerfully. Too many these days outsource their compassion.

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    it's true! Lauren is someone you cannot help but be happy around! She's just amazing! It's funny, because I'm sure you've encountered someone like her... but it's almost impossible to put into words what she's like...

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    What a lovely thing for someone so young to do, and it sounds like she has a lot of energy and passion for it too. Whatever her parents are like, I think we can safely say they raised her to be a very compassionate soul.

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    What a lovely thoughtful little girl.:-)

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