DAZ AniMate 2 or + Scale issue

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OK. I have been using animate blocks and everything works fine. But I have models that are too big and is not at or above 100%. So after I change the figure to 100 percent the aniblocks I have are fineand still there but then the translation messes up. So if I have a walk cycle and I need my model to be at 15% in order for it to not bit too big. The walk cycle will mess up at that percentage but at 100 percent which is too big, it is fine. Is there a way for the blocks to work correctly with any scaled models?


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    I think I remember the fix - create a Null and parent the figure to the null. Then scale the null. This will have the effect of scaling the figure, but the aniMate2 blocks will still work.

    Let me know if I am remembering incorrectly :).

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