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There needs to be a hybrid thread for these things.

I decided to use the carrara 8.5 beta to do this since I got tire of the elephant man results I get.
I try to import my model by drag and drop into carrara from daz contents, but I get an I/O error occurred when executing import.


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    Carrara opens a new scene if you drag and drop unlike studio so using file import or the built in content browser needed.
    What are you trying to import?
    or do you mean you dragged and dropped from smart content?

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    Dragged and drop from smart content I got another model working now though but I might need a fix in the future sorry about not having any screen caps of it I kind of don't have a screen capture software. I'm also having a bug where I'm using a plane to put an image on for reference to a model I'm making but the texture just vanished I can only see the texture with the preview selection and render but not in texture mode. I have the quality wide open also so it isn't that.

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    camera clipping and opengl settings cause the latter.
    putting the plane further back and bigger may help, I find that a lot too, your graphics card will also limit it.

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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 2GB is my graphics card so I don't think so. Making it bigger hasn't seem to calm the situation nor moving it closer to the camera it seems to be permanently stuck in it state.

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    HI Grimreaper :)

    Carrara8.5 beta can open DUF scene files, but there are some things that won't import into Carrara, because they only exist in DS, and Vice versa,.

    Also,...you should be able to access the DS / Genesis content directly in the beta.

    Try double clicking the thumbnail image in the browser, rather than drag 'n' drop to load content, and use File / Import, to load in complete DS scene files.
    Double clicking content will load it into the centre of your scene,.
    Drag 'n' Drop from the browser into the scene instance list on the right, will also load the content into the scene centre.
    Drag 'n' Drop will load the figure into the scene at the point where the mouse button was released.

    On screen capture:

    Any computer can capture the screen, no special software required.

    On a PC, the keyboard has a (Print screen / Sys Rq) key.
    Hit that, and it captures your current screen image, to the "clipboard" in memory,.

    Open any image editor and go to File / new,. then.. Paste,.. paste into,. or,. Paste from clipboard.

    on a Mac, it's a Command key, plus Control, or Shift, and 3 or 4

    Hope it helps :)

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    I just deleted and started it over.. don't know what was wrong but it is annoying.

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    Yeah I forgot about the print screen thing thanks for reminding me. Also I tried the import thing it just gave me the same error it is weird. I still wish that it wouldn't do the elephant man thing that it does sometimes. I made a different format import somehow on 8.5 that didn't import on 8.0.

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    in the vertex modeller, you can load a set of backdrop images into the isomeric views, Front, Left, Top, etc to help with modelling from drawings or images.

    No idea "without seeing what you're doing" or the scene file,.. why the image on a plane, wouldn't show,.

    What format is the image ? is it colour, B/W, etc..

    What's the (distance to near plane) setting on you camera.

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    I often wonder why people insist on drag and dropping. If you double click, carrara will open the right size scene and load the character. Carrara often opens/saves differently from an open or double click then it does from drag and drop.
    I would suggest opening a DUF rather then drag and dropping.

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