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I am using Telrunya by Nouschka Design in a scene, but the textures are coming out really bad. I am rendering at about 4000 x 3349 because I am going to be painting in the hair of the subjects during post work. I am using a focal length of 90.

I am operating out of Daz Studio 3 Advanced on a Dell Inspiron 620, Windows 7, Intel Core 13-2100 CPU @ 3.10GHz processor, 8gb of RAM, and I believe an on board video card that is an AMD RADEON HD 6450. I have tried to render this using both the 32 and 64gb program. I am using the Daz specific, .dso file, for this.

I have included three snippets of the scene to show what I mean. The textures are listed as 2500x2500 and 3000x3000, are those not big enough for an up close or large render? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

437 x 567 - 53K
437 x 432 - 59K
437 x 666 - 26K


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    I've looked at the textures themselves (and you can do so easily as well) and while each file is indeed 3000x3000 there are multiple parts covered by each file, usually 4 or 5, meaning you're really only talking about 600x600 per surface.


    200 x 195 - 13K
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    So it's not a setting issue, it's just that the textures are best for a less intrusive camera angle?

    Darn it. Back to the drawing board. Or at least back to looking for a background/room.

    Thank you.

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