Mimic 3 Pro and Poser and Victoria 4.2

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I am just about pulling my hair out trying to get Mimic 3 Pro to work with Victoria 4.2. I have loaded the V4 Phonemes figure,injected base,morphs plus and even elite and muscle morphs. I import my wave sound, XML and DMC OK, but I cannot get any eye,cheek or mouth movement.I have tried to follow the instruction manual(which says a lot but says nothing) Some of the forums I have visited under faq's subscribers say to make sure all expressions are injected.Well in my copy of morphs++there is not any all expressions to inject.I would appreciate any help from Mimic gurus as I have run out of ideas.Cheers


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    Do you have Use external Binary Morph targets turned on in Poser - Edit>General preferences>Miscellaneous? If so turn them off and save a fresh copy of V4 - the expressions are part of the base, not Morphs++.

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