C8.5 Beta - Conforming Pumps on V4 broken?

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Just thought I'd post the question here to see if:
1) anyone else has encountered this problem, or am I missing something (or just being dense)
2) if it is a bug - has it been reported

I'm not at my computer right now, but I tried to add pumps from two different items last night, and neither set would conform properly, and all the standard work arounds I've used in the past didn't work (spent about 45 min. trying to get them to conform). Then I tried the same pumps in 8.1 and they worked perfectly. Has anyone else had this problem with pumps or shoes with heels in the latest Beta?

The items in question are the pumps from Red Rabbit (http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/red-rabbit/97577) and the shoes from Vixen Nights (http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/vixen-nights-for-v4-a4-g4-elite/72027).



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    I do not have those shoes but shoes always give me endless issues esp since I animate figures so I do this.
    export the shoes as an obj
    (for mapped textures this usually works better from studio)
    import the obj
    (reapply textures if needed)
    resize and align with feet with your figure in default position
    if you need a high heel pose use it but bear in mind the figure reverts to default position in the next step so lots of jumping between the spanner tab and hand tab needed.
    go into vertex mode using the spanner tool on left (not vertex room) so you can still see your figure
    with them selected choose symmetry on right
    now you can just select one shoe and rotate and size it to fit nice
    use softselect to shift induvidual bits that pokethrough and tweek them
    check periodically by clicking the hand icon next to the spanner going back to assembly room mode
    this needs to be done a lot using high heel poses

    now your shoes are fitted and lined up to the feet
    select them in the scene tab.
    hold shift
    select vicky or your figure of choice's hip

    with both selected go up the top to animation
    choose attach skeleton

    now they are rigged to the figure

    you can go into the vertex room and use the animation mode (between modeling and uv on right) then pick weightpainting brush to tidy up any wrongly boned vertices, just pick foot and toe bones and paint as needed.

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    Thanks Wendy! :-) Sounds like a relatively simple work around. When I get a chance I'll test a few high heeled shoes from here in 8.1 and 8.5 and post here to let everyone know if it seems to be a consistent problem with 8.5 (probably won't get to it until tomorrow - got another 12+ hour work day ahead of me).

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    What specifically is the problem you're having? Is it the one shown in this image?

    If so, what I do is this:

    Once you have the pose applied that comes with the shoe to get the feet posed correctly, go to each shoe and zero out the X rotation for the shoe Toe bone (or was it the Foot bone...I think it was the Toe bone). That seems to snap the shoe into place. Just make sure you're doing the SHOE's toe bone, not the character's....

    You may also have to rotate the shoe's Foot bone into place.

    Another thing I do on occasion (as necessary) is to make the character's toe invisible so there's no poke-thru. And of course you want to apply the "foot for shoe" pose that comes with V4 or whatever.

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    640 x 480 - 32K
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    Thanks!! That is exactly the problem I'm having. The key must be rotating the toe bone first, I was rotating the foot bone first, then rotating the toe bone, and things just always seemed to not work quite right - I'd get close but not quite there.

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    dustrider said:
    The key must be rotating the toe bone first...

    Yeah, I think it is...

    What I do is just go to the X rotation value, which tends to start out as 60 or -60 degrees or something like that, and just erase that and put in 0.0

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