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Can someone please steer me to a forum discussion on this subject? Searching doesn't give me any results.

How can I use my keyboard and mouse to control the camera in DS 4 Pro like I can in Poser? So far I know I can use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out, and space+option+mouse left click = free rotation. Would like to be able to pan in all directions and don't know how.

Thank you in advance!

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    I can't recall the default modifiers, since I've changed them - I think it's something like ctrl-alt,LMB to orbit. You can see, and change, the modifiers in Edit>Customise (Window>Customise in DS 4.5), as well as the modifiers for tools such as the weight-apinting tool - look at the bottom of the dialogue.

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    1 thing to consider, is that using the mouse to move the camera seriously messes up the camera positions in the timeline. Of course, I'm still pretty much a newb but I try to stick to the parameter sliders for all my camera movements. I get all kinds of weird results if I try to adjust it with the mouse.

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    How you adjust shouldn't be an issue - but if you don't want the changes logged in the timeline you need to use the Perspective view or turn animation off for the camera in the Parameters pane.

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    I don't think you understand what I'm saying. Yeah, that's obvious, if you don't want the camera to move, use perspective. What I'm talking about is moving the camera the same way that you would using the Perspective view will cause issues with the camera's keyframing. Just do a test and using the parameters to keyframe the camera, and then try to change 1 of those keyframe by using the mouse to reposition it. What you will get is a camera that will flip around between that keyframe you moved and the others that used just the parameters. At least that is what I see, which is why I only use the parameters sliders to move the camera around.

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    Ah, right - yes, the tendency of the camera to perform uninvited acrobatics is a known (and infuriating) issue. Interesting that ti depends on how it is moved, but if something is getting treated differently with respect to negative angles vs nearly complete spins that might explain it. It might be worth making a detailed bug report on this, with step-by-step instructions.

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    Sorry to necro this thread but I just install DAZ 4.6 and I have the same question as the OP.

    How can I use my mouse to rotate the camera (I promise I will only use this in Perspective view lol).

    Edit - nevermind, I found the Customize tab. It's under Window -> Workspace -> Customize

    I figure I should keep this reply in case anyone has the same question.

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    Ctrl+Alt+LMouse - Rotate Camera

    Ctrl+Alt+RMouse - Move camera

    Ctrl+Alt+MMouse - Zoom camera

  • If you want to change the settings read this:

    How to Customize Daz Studio - to speed up Workflow!? [WIP]

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