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Smart Content all gone

AngjelAngjel Posts: 0
edited December 1969 in New Users

I have read through several posts with this problem but the solutions I saw didn't help.

The thing is Daz was working great I installed the new content downloader program... Still working fine after a few downloaded installs then after I installed a few items manually... Poof Smart content gone...I then read a few posts and sure enough the content manager was off in services. I turned it on and shut down daz and rebooted computer... Afterwards it was up... for about 15 minutes after coming back from using another tab ...poof ...gone again! This time it stayed gone and hasn't returned..
I am using windows 7 computer with norton 360 and Advanced System Care for virus protection. System stats are as follows:
quad core 2.82ghz intel chip
Dual nvidia GeForce 550 sli configured
8 gb memory
2 1 tb drives raid configured as one drive

things I've tried so far:

1) Starting daz content manager from task manager ... doesnt fix anything
2) Start from start menu programs...and shut down and start ... still nothing
3) re-imported meta-data, reset data base...nada
4) reinstalled Daz3d 4.5 64bit ...nope
5)uninstalled content management service uninstalled and reinstalled daz3d 64 bit with cms and deleted database .. no luck
6)ran a bunch of scans and reg fixing programs from norton and asc good news there either..

I haven't tried a large sledge hammer yet and was hoping perhaps someone had much better solution before i test that one.

Oh and I uninstalled the new download manager and reinstalled everything... no dice but I have noted that every time I start Daz and checked running services CMS is off. It's there in list but stopped.


  • JimmyC_2009JimmyC_2009 Posts: 8,891
    edited December 1969

    Well, after trying everything else, the final step is to uninstall the CMS from the Start menu. reinstall DS4.5, and allow it to reinstall the CMS, but you already appear to have done that. If the CMS is sitting there in the Task Manager, but stopped, and you have gone through all these other steps, the only thing that I can see that could be stopping it is Norton.

    I don't know enough about AV programs in general to give any advice, but my system specs are much the same as yours and I use Win7. I have never had a problem with CMS, it always starts, every morning when I boot up.

    Have you tried disabling Norton to see if that helps any? There is bound to be a way that you can tell it to allow CMS, I suppose you have tried that?

    CMS is visible in Processes as well as in Services in the Task Manager by the way.

  • AngjelAngjel Posts: 0
    edited December 1969

    I haven't uninstalled Norton but I have disabled its virus scanner with no effect. My computer could have a virus undetected... Wouldn't be the first time an elephant walked past Norton.

  • JimmyC_2009JimmyC_2009 Posts: 8,891
    edited December 1969

    If you can wait a little while longer, some of our more techy members should be around, and may be able to suggest something more you can try.

  • mjc1016mjc1016 Posts: 14,741
    edited December 1969

    Angjel said:
    I haven't uninstalled Norton but I have disabled its virus scanner with no effect. My computer could have a virus undetected... Wouldn't be the first time an elephant walked past Norton.

    Are you running Norton's firewall?

    That's what needs to be disabled/configured...not the AV scanner (the AV scanner is what kills the installers).

  • AngjelAngjel Posts: 0
    edited December 1969

    It came back finally... I'm thinking the firewall was prolly problem... and now it seems to work with firewall up as well... weird..

    Hopefully this will last but staying away from the auto-downloader for awhile just in case. Thank you so much for the quick help. I guess I can put away the sledge hammer for now :)

  • trestudiostrestudios Posts: 0
    edited December 1969

    This may also help if your Smart Content becomes empty. I had the same problem 10 minutes ago, all of my Smart Content gone, however, I could still load my Content Library. Now the day before I downloaded Adobe Cloud, and After Effects CC. So a few minutes ago, I deleted those programs, restarted my computer, and boom, Smart Content folder full again. Something about those kinds of programs, I guess.

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