DAZ Genesis API

This is something of a suggestion, I hope it is appropriate for this forum.

The genesis figure and morph system is perfect for game development. What would be extremely awesome, is to have the ability to code in this functionality in a game engine via C++. This is not so different from FaceGen, which does exactly this and was used in Oblivion (and others I am sure).

The figure would be exposed in code, and then a set of developer defined morphs would be read. It would be up to the developer to make the appropriate calls to show the figure and build a UI to set the morphs.

The skinning data would also be exposed for use in the engine's animation system.

The potential of such a system is huge--imagine the level of control the player could have over customization.

Just a thought.


  • wancowwancow Posts: 2,708
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    It's true, however I'm not sure what the liscense for using genesis in games specifically says regarding the base figure and decimation... you might want to check that.

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