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Zoe Saldana Next, /Soon

grylingrylin Posts: 215
edited February 2013 in Freebies

some renders : she will available pretty soon textures used and clothes,
mylocha hair. ,clothes from mamomamo

1082 x 808 - 217K
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  • grylingrylin Posts: 215
    edited December 1969

    nother one

    900 x 900 - 239K
  • grylingrylin Posts: 215
    edited December 1969

    side view of her :)

    900 x 900 - 200K
  • NV OracleNV Oracle Posts: 139
    edited December 1969

    Very cool, Aki. Looking forward to getting her when she is ready.

    Your friend

  • edited December 1969

    She's gorgeous. Can't wait to download her. Thanks for sharing!

  • caine collincaine collin Posts: 0
    edited December 1969

    Agreed, looks great, can't wait :D

  • grylingrylin Posts: 215
    edited December 1969

    hello everyone. this morph is on hold, since i am in the process of moving. i do nt know what the new internet connection is like either where i will be staying , but i will get that sorted :D i will have renders for you all, so ya all can see how its coming along :)

  • grylingrylin Posts: 215
    edited December 1969

    latest look: shold be ready pretty soon,

    1082 x 808 - 204K
  • Tramp GraphicsTramp Graphics Posts: 1,938
    edited December 1969

    Looking good, though, honestly, she looks more like Cathrine Zeta Jones than Zoe Saldana to me.

  • grylingrylin Posts: 215
    edited December 1969

    well, its not catherine :P. besides my characters are never 100% ike the originals :)
    i am happy with it ::D

    this is the pic i worked from

    1600 x 900 - 225K
  • reelyorreelyor Posts: 184
    edited December 1969

    Nice one, as always, Aki!!

  • grylingrylin Posts: 215
    edited December 1969

    thankyou! :) but if no one else thinks my characters are like celebs PM me please! dont post it here........................ no mater how its meant etc. but thankyou to all who like my characters!! i know i am not a perfect modeller, but still i love my work :)

  • DollyGirlDollyGirl Posts: 2,067
    edited December 1969

    What is nice about your characters is that they are of beautiful people so there is a uniquness about them. It makes my renders look a little bit more real. I like that it is not exactly the same. Your morphs are very beautiful and I use them all the time.

  • grylingrylin Posts: 215
    edited December 1969

    thankyoouuu dollygirl :D :D

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