Couple of Things Please...

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Morning to You's All

Figure I will comment on the "New Daz Install Manager" seeing as it is being used some.
I had the chance to try it and I will say that I am impressed at Her speed.
It is intuitive to use and I really like that it seems to be Smart.
Kind of Freaked me out for a bit when a lot of my Content seemed to be all Relocated from where
I had it set up for myself. I did not consider that when setting Her up.
But I guess I need some new stuff to learn anyhow.
Like I said before.............She is Fast.........I have never installed so many items so fast.

Thanks for this new tool.

On a Second note..........I do not know if it is Related or not but last night I
wanted to Create another character using V4.2 and ++ and low and behold
She appeared with a set of Red Bikini top and bottom on Her.
It appears to be a LowGrade set of textures on Her and it is annoying.
Adding another set of Clothing does not help to delete these from Her?????
I cannot seem to Select this Bikini set and I cannot find it in the Scene List?????

Any ideas out there as to how I can Remove this Red Bikini set from Her..........any
other clothing just seems to Install "OK" but does not really cover it up.......such as
using a set of Leathers.

Thanks for any ideas...
Your Fellow Artist


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    Applying a different set of texturs will remove the painted-on underwear. If you don't need any detail theer is an AllNaturalNG setting in (I think) People>Victroia 4>Materials>SampleRes that will do that, though without adding nipples.

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    Thank you kindly for this help.

    It has solved my problem............with the painted bikini.

    Any idea why this it never did before.
    But now that I know of how to rectify this...........It is of no real concern.

    Keep up the good work out there.


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