Julie conforming clothes issues PoserPro 2012

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Just picked up the Julie figure for a project, but when I try to conform clothes in PoserPro 2012 it seems like the scaling is off (see pic attached) resulting in an offest on the Y-axis for the arms and neck regions. Other genesis figure morphs (ie V4/V5/G4 etc) seem to work fine. Anyone else run into this issue or have suggestions. I'm running the newest versions of the DSON importer, PoserPro 2012, Genesis and clothing files and such. I have uninstalled and reinstalled all the files as well. The genesis files are installed in my documents/DAZ/Studio... on a data drive and this seems to be referenced correctly in PoserPro 2012 as the files all load via DSON importer, just the clothing won't conform to Julie (hair does however ?). Thanks for any insight.

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    Did you run the Transfer Active Morphs script?

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    Thanks. That seemed to work. I was just thrown off by the fact that it conformed automatically to V5 and other genesis morphed characters upon conforming, but not Julie.

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