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Millennium Cat's Neck is too long

alanb11alanb11 Posts: 0
edited December 1969 in New Users

Does anyone know of a way to shorten the Mil Cat's neck. The neck is very long relative to the size of the cat. It looks like it is stretched out and very unnatural.

I have tried to adjust the zScale, but the coordinates aren't laid out in line with the neck and it looks very distorted. If anyone knows of a way to do this it would be very much appreciated.


  • MedzinMedzin Posts: 337
    edited December 1969

    You might try using the "Taper" dial to ease some of the distortion. It is quite sensitive, so work lightly.
    None of the built-in morphs affect the length, so you might just have to make a custom morph.
    I don't know of any morphs like that, but maybe someone else will

  • alanb11alanb11 Posts: 0
    edited December 1969

    I am using DS 4.5 and am unable to find a taper dial. Is that possibly a Poser feature. I have never created a custom morph, so I will have look into that. I am guessing I could use the Send to Hexagon feature and do it there. (once I learn how of course)


  • MedzinMedzin Posts: 337
    edited December 1969

    Looks like DS doesn't pick up the taper dial.
    You might try adjusting the Yscale also, due to where the origin is that brings the neck down.

  • alanb11alanb11 Posts: 0
    edited December 1969

    I have tried using the yScale along with the zScale and it just distorts the mesh too badly. At least I can't get it to look good. It is unfortunate that the axes for the neck don't line up with the orientation of the neck. I think it is the only part on the body that is like that.

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