Can't get to my account?

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When I click on "My Account," it takes me to the login page, where I log in - - and go back to the login page, with my credentials now empty. I can't get past this page and to my account.


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    Same here... the eternal loop of unrecognised logins despite password etc getting the "green tick" when i send..

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    Yep getting the same thing when I try to use firefox. I'm about to give up on daz altogether!!

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    Even stranger - after starting this thread, I went back and clicked "My Account" again, entered my credentials again, and this time it took me to my account.

    Ohhkay ... :O

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    So I thought I was in and submitted order... error message...

    ...try again... error message.

    Just received 2 emails confirming (duplicate) orders, but items are not available in "My Downloadable Products"

    This is really pushing my buttons this morning... websites are not rocket science - unless there's an overload of too many bugged automated services; but at the end of the day I'm just a paying customer who simply wants to buy and use the products in the store... is that really too much to ask?

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    Same for me.

    If I click on Log In from the shop, I can enter my email and password with no problem. If I then select 'My Account' I just go back to the login page and get into the same endless loop.

    This is on Internet Explorer from my PC as well as Safari on my Ipad.

    This is a problem as I am trying to see if a dispute I had has been resolved.

    I can click on 'My Wishlist' and am taken to it (this is, correctly, shown as empty). Clicking on 'My Subscriptions' after that, takes me to my subscriptions page. This page shows as empty and does not show my PC membership.

    I have just managed to log in. This could have been a fluke but I logged out and then selected 'My Account'. This time it accepted my log in.
    Could be worth a try.

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    Yes, logging out of a page that shows you logged in seems to be the best fix for this issue, if that fails (it did once for me) try a ctrl-F5 to force refresh the page, and/or a browser restart.

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