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i'm working on an animation project in poser pro 2012, with characters essentially made on m4 and v4 bases. I've tried genesis with dson importer for a m5 character i would like to use, but i would prefer to have all my male characters based on m4 ; Is it possible to get the face morph and the texture from a genesis m5 character on michael 4 ? I've searched all around the web but didn't found anything.

Thanks a lot and sorry for my bad english !


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    No, the other way around can be done, as Genesis is UV Mapped for M4.

    You can also create morphs for Genesis from M4 characters using the GenX plugin, but you can't go backwards. Genesis is a completely different figure to M4, sorry.

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    You can go backwards, but the result is useless because there is not a Genesis Base shape for M4.
    But even if it looked good, that would leave you in the same place.
    So, no. :long:

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    While I don't know if it's possible, you might want to ask PhilC. He did some amazing things with transfering of shapes with the Gen 3 figures using his Poser Tool Box plugin.

    Maybe he has some ideas.

    His site is PhilC.net.

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