OT: New Puppy for the Mini-Farm

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9 week old "Kyra", a beige Great Pyrenees we just got today. Her job is going to be guarding the flocks/herds as her breed has done for centuries. We decided on the name Kyra as a 'derivation' of Valkyrie from the Norse legends.

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    Will she be an outdoor dog (as in stays outside) or comes inside from time to time? Has she been house broken?

    She is pretty.

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    She'll be with us whenever we are outside, but otherwise inside until she is older and knows her territory/animals and we feel she is big enough to start "working". Once she's working, she'll be mostly outside though she will have rights to come in for spells if she wants, especially during the day when it's hot out. She seems house broken as she seemed to signal and waited to pee until we took her outside the first time. We'll see on that one...

    It seems she has an 'invisible leash' as she won't stray more that about 5-6 feet from us (in particular whoever is leading) when we walked her around the yard and woods to start getting the smells and range of the territory of the animals she's to protect. So far she seems pretty smart, picking up her name quickly and coming when called.

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    sweet looking - hope she works out

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    Aww, she's adorable!! :)

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    What a darling. <3 I'd say she's a bright one, just the fact that she has a keen sense to stay together and doesn't want to run off all willie nillie. :D That may change a bit after she gets comfortable and is still a "kid" as that goes . . . but still, once total maturity kicks in, she'll probably be one sharp little cookie when it comes to her duties. LoL Congratulations on your new addition to your family!</p>

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    Very beautiful..

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    awe, she is lovely :-)

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    Cute and smart enough to make up for her disability (not being a cat).

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    The protection instinct is very deeply imbedded in this breed and they 'know' who belongs and who doesn't. NOT protective in the sense of an attack dog, it is more 'guarding' though they can be very protective of their human 'family' also, especially children. Reading up on them before we got her, they apparently protect even against wolves and bears and will also work in teams where some stay protecting the flocks/herds and others will patrol/scout the outlying areas actively searching out predators.

    @Richard, they are very cat friendly. Cats like to curl up and sleep in their thick fur and they don't mind (as long as it doesn't impede their working).

    Oh, did I mention that @ 9 weeks she's over 20 lbs?

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    A beauty... :-) Great Pyrenees were on my top list of breeds when I was looking to get a new dog (choice finally settled on a golden retriever). Congrats and may she be with you for many happy years!

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    my, she's a pretty one!

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    What a beauty! Congrats BD on new family member! Hope you all lead happy long life together ^.^

    And please say hello to Nef from me, haven't seen her for a long time ^.^

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