Copying Old 3D Models To New PC... HOW???

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My old PC has quite a lot of 3D models installed in its "My Documents/DAZ 3D" folder... and I want them all on my new PC. All the models are legally free, so I'm allowed to copy them around as I wish. Should I just put my old folder on a USB key and just dump it into my new one? Or is it harder... :P

P.S.: The old computer has DAZ 4.0, the new one has DAZ 4.5.

Thx! :D


  • Herald of FireHerald of Fire Posts: 3,475
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    Copy + Paste. Simple as that. As long as Daz knows to look in that location for your files (such as copying it to the default directory) it will appear in the Content Library.

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    the default folders in DS4.0 and 4.5 are pretty much identical. It shouldn't be any problem at all just to drag and drop your libraries. You might run into a bunch of Duplicate ID errors, and you should probably re-install Genesis Starter Essentials afterwards as well.

    There's a duplicate ID script around her somewhere...

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    Thanks! I'll copy and see what happens. :)

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