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I just rendered these because I'm still trying to tweak materials and I'd like some opinions about them... the maps are based on Wintervon's Bonnie texture set combined with Vyktohria's Alicia, so they are not distributable, but If the look good to folks, I'll do my best to recreate the textures using a couple of freeware MRs and make them available.

I used the textures to create a set of subsurface maps for colour by adjusting the colour balance, gave it a bit of an orangy hue...

In any event, opinions please?

491 x 603 - 50K
491 x 603 - 73K
491 x 603 - 96K
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    oh... :(

    I guess not...

    Okay, then I shall ask this:

    Has anyone ever tried to get freckles on the Subsurface Channel rather than Diffuse?

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    Sorry, was out ...

    They look nice, especially the middle (freckled) one

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    Simon, thank you! They are basically the very same set. I'm really, really trying to get the most out of OmniFreaker's human surface shader and I keep tweaking it toward that end. I'm beginning to think it's not going to be enough, that we need something more elaborate in way of a shader...

    These are all, basically, the same texture slightly altered. Mom and three sisters... they are all rendered with the same lights, the same shaders, and the only real difference is the brows and the freckles.

    What I will do, if there is enough interest, is create the maps and shader presets and make them available on ShareCG. I was trying to get freckles in the subsurface channel without any success... hopefully I'll figure it out at some point...

    oh, here's Samantha, the youngest of the three :) The one on the bottom above (Jessica) and Samantha are wearing the exact same textures and materials... to me, they don't look like they are... but that's me...

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    I'd have sworn, if nothing else, that the top 2 use a different lighting setup to the next two (Jessica and Samantha) as the top two have a degree of warmth (orangey tone) to the skin. I've 'faffed about' with US and US2 and ... can generally not see much of a difference in the outcome. But that could be me ;) I forget what i was actually trying to do, but it was along the lines of slipping some textural detail in on the 2nd layer.

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    I'm thinking it could be the angle I was shooting from. But I set up a preset material for the second one (the one with the freckles you like, that's Jenna, Gracie's at the top).

    All I did was this: I set up Jenna's materials, sent her to render in 3Delight, and save the material preset, saved the character as a Scene Subset, called up Gracie, applied the materials, switched out the face maps (Diffuse and Subsurface) which were the exact same maps save for the brows and the freckles, and did the same again for Jessica and Sam.

    They are all based on Wintervon's Bonnie texture: http://www.sharecg.com/v/23363/View/11/Poser/Bonnie-For-DazV4.1-and-Morphs++ and Vyktohria's Alicia texture. http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/alicia-for-v4/91168 (Alicia highly recommended, btw)

    What I did was this: I took the original texture and in GIMP went to Colors: Colorize:
    Hue 18
    Saturation 77
    Lightness -8

    This I used as a Subsurface map with no strength map applied.

    However, I think I need to up the Subsurface Shading Rate from 32 all the way up to the max of 128... I'm still playing with those settings... and, of course, I need to create my own texture set for this...

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