Do you know if the Genesis Supersuit can work Assymetrical?

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I haven't made the purchase yet but I was wondering if anyone knows if the Genesis Supersuit can work Assymetrical with it's patterns?

thanks for your time :D


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    the answer is no.

    Though you can divide surface group, and save as new figure,
    or if use texture,, you may make Assymetrical texture by UV map template,
    and apply it one surface group.

    Actually Super Suits has many many,,surface group. and it is strong point of this suit to make new looks easy.
    but as the product, Suparsuit has no surface group which separated right or left,which you can set
    Assymetrical material then make Assymetrrical looking easy.
    so that, Super suit can not invisible about only left part or right part.

    I have three sets of Super suits sets,, (Fantasy,, Hero, troopers)
    there are many character presets which can change Super Suit looking by one clidk,
    but there are no Assymetrical preset.

    it tells, SUpersuit can not work Assymetrical without User modify or make original texture.

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    Thanks for the info :D

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