adding lights without other lights going away?

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can this be done?
especially point lights,
i load in some candles and then attach point lights to each ones flames,
now how do i add a light set to the scene without those point lights going away??


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    You should be able to hold down the control key (CTRL) when clicking on the lights. This will bring up a dialog box with options to add, replace selected, replace all (why replace all is the default I'll never understand).

  • ssweetessweete Posts: 115
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    thank you didn't know that worked with lights.....

  • MattymanxMattymanx Posts: 5,192
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    make sure you dont have another light selected when you make a new one.

    only have another light selected if you intend on copying it.

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    ssweete said:
    thank you didn't know that worked with lights.....

    It works with all the various types of presets - MATs, Poses, cameras, lights.

    Also, if you set your preferences in the Options tab, when you hold SHIFT and click a preset, your prefs will be automatically applied.


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    You can also change your preferences, if you look in Edit > Preferences > Content there are options to control how DS behaves when you load a new anything with a current anything of same type selected.

    I have mine set to "always add" iirc, there's also "always replace" (default) and "prompt" etc.

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    When saving light sets, you can also save them as a Scene Subset. This will allow you not only to save lights that will not replace those that are already in the scene, but also allow you to save them with nulls, either to group them or as light targets or both.

    I've taken to saving everything as scene subsets for this reason.

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