DAZ 4 "Disappears off the Screen" when rendering

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Running Daz 4 Pro with win XP 32 bit.

Was originally able to make some simple renders...but now my whole program "Disappears Instantly" when I try to render a simple scene.

I can run the program, make characters and poses and put on simple lights...but when I render out I can see the image building and then BANG...the program instantly disappears.

When I look at my Task manager I can see the memory rerquirements going up to 1.7 gigs during the render. The render is a simple victoria character with no clothes or environment and a single spotlight for now...keeping it simple and basic. I have 4 gigs installed in my dell machine on XP and I think only 3 gigs is available. I have an Nvidia G Force 7600 video card. I know my machine needs to be replaced when my budget allows...and im willing to put up with slow...but disappearing is new to me!!

I can create a video post to show whats happening if necessary. Im amazed that a simple 900 or 2000 pix render would take up so much space...there is nothing happening in the scene but a character and one light an no environment.

Thanks for any help



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    You're running out of memory. DS only sees 2GB of memory.

    Although its a simple scene you are trying to render at a large size.

    I only have 32 bit and am constatly coming up against memory problems, I don't think I've ever rendered above 1400.
    Try reducing the render size.
    Save the scene shut DS down open it and load the scene then render this helps.
    Try not to use to many morphs or large textures.

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    Are you using raytraced or deep shadow map shadows and does the charater have hair?

    It is a simple scene it should render.

    Does the Skin have any shaders on it?

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    Thanks scorpio,

    I agree that DAS may only be able to see 1.2 to 1.7 gigs of my memory because im using XP in 32 bit mode.

    I have rendered as low as 900 pixels and I still get the disappearing crash. Go figure!

    I can see in task manager that the memory requirements of DAS keep on increasing as it renders...and when it hits about 1.5 gigs... the program disappears off the screen instantly and I loose everything.

    Im not aware of using any shadows or skin in the render. Im assuming all renders are ray traces, Maybe? How do I shut ray trace off? I need near photo quality renders.

    The scene is a victoria shape in a pose, no clothing, single spotlight, no background...its as simple as I can think to make it.

    ANYONE ELSE have some ideas why my simple renders take up soo much memory and crash the render?

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    Make sure you do NOT have Progressive Rendering on in your render settings.

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    Im assuming all renders are ray traces, Maybe

    no. Though I do not have many knowledge about renders,
    I think you need "setting" to use ray traces. as far as I know,
    I can use ray traces, when I change "light" setting.

    If you want to see it, select a "Lights" and check shadow parameter.of the "Lights"
    If the property of "shadow Type" value = "None"
    you did not use ray traces about the "Light".

    of course you have many light in your seane, you need all parameters.

    and you can check about "progressive render option"
    Render (contena)> Render Setting (tab)> click icon bottom, right corner icon."Show advantage settings"

    pick right slider to down,
    you can see many option of "Progressive Rendering" (I do not know well about them , :down:).

    It seems better you may show your setting image of Render. (or seanes)

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    suzzie12 said:
    ANYONE ELSE have some ideas why my simple renders take up soo much memory and crash the render?


    But to narrow it down to scene content vs hardware / software issues, replace Vicky with a cube or a sphere. If a primitive like that crashes the program - it's ... informative.

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