Battlestar Glalactica: The Field. Bryce 7 animation

Francis TaylorFrancis Taylor Posts: 82
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The Remaining ships of the Colonial Fleet have an unexpected run in with some Raiders in an Asteroid Field rich in Tillium. Animation created completely in Bryce 7. No Postwork.

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  • Dave SavageDave Savage Posts: 2,258
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    Well done. :)

    Is it all Bryce or is there post work for flashes and effects?

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  • FirstBastionFirstBastion Posts: 4,163
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    That looked very stylish and atmospheric. Good work there. Some sound FX would have added to the immersion. But still, the video had great production value!

  • Steve KSteve K Posts: 1,593
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    Very nice. The camera motion and abrupt zooms helped make it pretty dynamic.

    Maybe I won't take Bryce off the hard drive just yet ...

  • OroborosOroboros Posts: 326
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    There's a lot more interest in the production of this clip in the Brycetalk forum :)

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