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how to instal Howie Farkes snow scene?

KharmaKharma Posts: 2,350
edited December 1969 in Carrara Discussion

I only have C8.5 installed but have the snow scene in my C8 Pro folder. I tried to install it but maybe installed to wrong directory as it would C8.5 when I opened the program so I uninstalled it. Where am i to direct the install program to show it shows up in Carrara?


  • 3DAGE3DAGE Posts: 2,841
    edited December 1969

    HI Kharma :)

    Any products built for Carrara, should be installed into the Carrara application folder,. and especially if there are tree's involved, since the leaves will be placed into a specific leaves folder in carrara which supplies all the Plant's you can create yourself.


    The Beta is supplied as a "Base program only" (for testing reasons), so,.. as it doesn't include the "Carrara Native Content",. it also doesn't have the scene "Wizards" which are part of that content ...and the scene Wizard would be where the Snow scene would be shown, and loaded from. ( FILE / Open Preset )

    You can, and should,.. install C8.1.1.12, and the carrara naive content, , since that's the last "production" version,..
    then install, Howies Snow Scene, into C8.

    If you really wanted to,. you could install the "Carrara Native Content" into the beta,.
    but I didn't say that.. and it's not something I'd recommend,. although some people have, and haven't had any issues.

    Hope it helps :)

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  • KharmaKharma Posts: 2,350
    edited February 2013

    I had already installed C8.5 pro before I purchased C8 and now when I try to install C8 it want to install to the same folder as C8.5 which is C:\Program Files\Daz3D\Carrara8 so it will overwrite the beta version. Should \i uninstall C8.5 and install C8 ...which would be best way?

    Edit to add: I think I did install the native content IIRC after I purchased C8 Pro...

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  • 3DAGE3DAGE Posts: 2,841
    edited February 2013

    OK,. Now i'm confused.......

    Carrara 8.5 is still a "beta" version,.

    Did you purchase it when it briefly appeared in the store by accident. ?

    As far as I'm aware. this was an error, which allowed the product to end up being displayed in the store for sale.
    and of course, if it's for sale,.. you're entitled to purchase it,. , even if it's not a "Final" completed version.

    If so,. and you have C8.5 and the Carrara Native Content installed into the same program folder,. then you should be able to install Howies snow scene, and it should show up when you go to FILE / Open Preset.

    If you have 8.5 installed, then you can skip the part about installing C8.

    Carrara 8, should "normally" install into a folder called ... Daz3D / Carrara8
    The beta should "normally" install into a folder called ... Daz3D / CarraraProBeta8

    They should NOT be installed into the same folder. EVER.

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  • KharmaKharma Posts: 2,350
    edited February 2013

    yes I got the beta version by itself for free back in October or November , I then purchased C8 but discovered it was only 32bit and so I returned it and got C8 Pro which then I also got another version of C8.5, plus all the extras that came with the pro version.

    I only installed the 8.5 version and it did install to Daz3/Carrara8 which I only discovered when I tried to install the C8 pro version. Then I just went ahead and installed the native content which was fine, but when I later tried to install the snow scene i had to navigate to where I wanted it installed, there was no default, and when I opened the program I couldn't find it.

    I think my best option would be to uninstall it all and then reinstall C8 pro and then the beta version? Then it should all be correct.

    EDit: I believe I got the beta version when I purchased C8, not prior to

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  • 3DAGE3DAGE Posts: 2,841
    edited December 1969

    OK that makes sense.

    First,... Uninstall the 8.5 Beta, and remove any files left, just to get back to a clean slate.

    Download and install Carrara 8.1 Pro
    It should install into Daz3D/Carrara8
    Download and install the Carrara Native Content,. and install Howies snow scene,
    then open carrara, and go to File/Open preset... you should then see the Snow scene under the "Misc" section my screen capture image above.

    If it doesn't,... than come back here, and we'll try to figure it out. :)

    If it's all working as planned,...
    Then you can download and install the latest version of the 8.5 Beta.
    make sure it installs to a differently named folder,. EG: Daz3D/CarraraProBeta8
    You can also install the Carrara native Content into the 8.5 beta, so that it adds the Wizards.

    Personally,. I'd install Howies snow scene into the C8 , rather than the beta,. but it's up to you,..Yopu can have it installed into both programs,. and it shouldn't cause any problems, as long as you've also got the Carrara native content files installed to provide the Wizards.

    The carrara native content can be installed into Carrara 8,. and also installed into the C8.5 beta.

    The reason that there's no "default" installation for Howies snow scene is that it can be installed into C6, C7, or C8.. etc.. depending on what you're using, and where you have it installed, the location could be anywhere.

    Hope it helps :)

  • KharmaKharma Posts: 2,350
    edited December 1969

    Now when I reinstall the snow scene is there any particular folder to install it in and is this where all purchased products for carrara should go?

  • 3DAGE3DAGE Posts: 2,841
    edited December 1969

    HI Kharma :)

    All products built for Carrara, should be installed into the main program folder

    EG: C:/ program files / Daz3D / Carrara
    C:/ Program files(x86) / Daz3D / Carrara

    Products are built so that they install all the files into Carrara's sub-folders, for example ,Shaders, Leaves Scenes etc
    so, all you need to do is select the Main program folder. and the installer does the rest.

  • KharmaKharma Posts: 2,350
    edited December 1969

    thanks for all your help 3DAGE, I will do this soon as I get home from work

  • KharmaKharma Posts: 2,350
    edited December 1969

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled c8 pro, the native content and the snow scene and everything is now as you said. Now I tried to install c8.5 and yes it also wants to install to the C:/ program files / Daz3D / Carrara folder.

    The installer says "will now install Carrara8(64bit) to the C:/ program files / Daz3D / Carrara folder so I cancelled it. I can just change the install folder toC:/ program files / Daz3D / carrara8probeta and it should all work shouldn't it?

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