My Favourite Fairytales (in 3D)

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If it's not already apparent by my works already, I absolutely adore fairytales. What I love most about them is the fantastical surroundings that take center stage and the unforgettable characters you either love or love to hate. I've grown up with fairytales since I was a young boy and I still believe they are timeless. They encapsulate all it is to be young. The wonder, the imagination and the joy of new experiences. The imaginative side of me is the one part that never wanted to grow up.

With that said, I've always wanted to do images of my favourites. Now that I have the tools I can do just that. Here's two examples of recent work, with more on the way. I'm hoping to tackle as many fairytales as my creativity and my resources allow. I hope you enjoy the art as much as I enjoyed making them.

800 x 800 - 746K
800 x 800 - 739K
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