Incorrect bounding box of selected facets.

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Hi everybody,
I am atually using this code to retrieve the geometry of a particoular part of a figure and convert it to type readable by Bullet:

btTriangleMesh* DazRayCaster::buildTriangleMeshFromBones(DzFacetMesh *facetMesh, QList availableBones){ int f1 = facetMesh->getNumFacets(); for(int i = 0; i < facetMesh->getNumFaceGroups(); i++) {  DzFaceGroup *faceGroup = facetMesh->getFaceGroup(i);  //If not in the list of what we want to display remove it  if(!availableBones.contains(faceGroup->getName()))  {   facetMesh->removeFacets(faceGroup, true);  }  else  {   qDebug(faceGroup->getName());   facetMesh->selectFacets(faceGroup);  } } int f2 = facetMesh->getNumFacets(); DzBox3 bb = facetMesh->getSelectedFacetBoundingBox(); facetMesh->deselectAllFacets(); return buildFromFacetMesh(facetMesh);}

Where available bones is a list containing all the facegroup that are needed for building that figure (in case of head they are "head", "neck", "lEye", "rEye", with the tongue ignored for simplicity).
The problem I have is that when i need to get the bounding box of what remained (after removing the facegroups not needed) I continue to get a bounding box covering the Whole figure (or almost it).

Fo example: genesis height, without any morphs, is almost 187cm and the head is 30cms (random number). So as bbmin i should get 157cm and as bbmax 187. But I Always get the full figure height. Am I doing something wrong or is this the correct behaviour to do this?

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