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What Is Going On With Carrara?
Posted: 08 February 2013 07:59 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 211 ]
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The Install manager is Optional, not Mandatory, and there is always going to be a percentage who feel that it does not fit into their work flow, which may have bee refined over 10 years or more. cool smirk


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I think I have the silliest runtime organization system of all!

I refuse to organize and create a large, slow to load, mess of a folder with so much stuff in it I can’t find things.  So I have a folder called Runtimes, and in it are hundreds of folders - each containing a single runtime item and named accordingly.  That way the “internal” folders can be whatever silly system the vendor used for naming, but since each runtime is added to Carrara’s browser one at a time (and removed after items are loaded) that is irrelevant.

This may be simplified by my refusal to use humans except when absolutely necessary - or if I’m feeling Sadistic and want to do things to Vicky and friends >:)  Human related products seem to be the root cause of all this (trying to find their clothes, etc).

But the end result is that I can find and add runtimes as needed for just about anything I want much faster than rooting through an unwieldly huge folder which needs 30 seconds or more to open each sub-folder (I still have that huge runtime, it’s what inspired my “itemized” system).

In the odd event I get add-ons, I add them to the main folder - like poses and textures and skankwear for The Daz Cow all go in The Daz Cow folder, etc.

I doubt anybody would ever use such a system except me, but it works and eliminates the need for uninstallers as I can delete whole folders individually with no need for any complicated tracking of files!



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bigh - 08 February 2013 01:30 AM
ManStan - 08 February 2013 01:25 AM
bigh - 08 February 2013 01:21 AM

I am using DIM - it sets up every thing just like I want it .

99% of my content isn’t in the studio content folder.

you can put your content where ever you want using DIM .

I do that already, don’t need help from DIM.

As I have said before I work in my runtimes. I like to open content folders to see what the names are on the texture and obj folders, before installing.

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