Minor OBJ Import Issue - Object Slightly Moved Down on Import

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I am very new to using Daz Studio, but I've been learning. I model in other software, such as Luxology's modo. Here is what I've done as well as a minor issue that I am encountering (and I hope someone here can point me in the direction to fix this).

I've exported the Michael 4 character to OBJ and imported him into modo to create armored pieces for the model. The armored pieces have been exported as OBJ so that I can import them into Daz Studio to "attach" them to the Michael model for posing. When I import in the OBJ armor pieces, I select "modo" for the Import From to set the proper scale. But the model comes in just slightly down on the X axis. I then select the imported model and move it up just enough to be positioned on the Michael character properly. So far, all's good.

I then convert the Michael 4 character by going to Edit>Rigging>Convert Figure to Weight Mapping and selecting TriAx. Then I use the Assets>Transfer Utility, setting the source to Michael and the target to my imported model.

After using the Transfer Utility, the imported model slides down again to where it was before! Thus a helmet, for example, has a part of Michael's head poking through the top! My question is, how do I use the Transfer Utility so that the imported model does not move after I've positioned it?

Thanks for any help.


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    I can't find a way to make this work in Daz Studio, but I can make this work by simply adjusting the height of the object in modo an re-exporting. Hmmm ...

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    Are you sure Michael4 was zeroed when you exported him? The Transfer Utility does work on the zero position of the emsh, ignoring any adjustments made in DS - you can either adjust in the modeller, otr export the modified OBJ and reimport it to freeze the modifications.

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    I believe that Michael4 was zeroed when I exported him. I had simply opened him in Daz and exported him as OBJ without moving or posing him. I then brought him into modo and used him as a reference mesh to build my other models from. Adjusting the models in modo is not a problem. It appears they are all coming into modo down by about 24mm.

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    As a test I just exported M4 to OBJ, using the modo preset, opened in modo 601SP5, changed a material assignment so there was a difference, and saved. Importing that into DS using the modo preset it was exactly coincident with the original M4 - certainly not off by an inch - so I'm not sure why you are seeing what you are.

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    I am just going to assume that I did something to the Michael character somewhere along the way. Fortunately it is (now) an easy fix on my end. I know how much to move each of my created models in order to make the work exactly with Michael4 in Daz. Thanks for your help, though.

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    No, he isn't zeroed...

    Zeroed on the left, as loads on the right. But what this shot doesn't show is the bounding box. The zeroed one fills the bounding box completely, while the 'as loads' doesn't. Matching the bottoms of the bounding boxes puts his head and shoulders at the correct height, but his feet are 'floating'.

    I think this is something similar to a problem I'm having rigging an item for K4. If I rig it in DS3, I can get it to fit and everything looks good, but when I open that in DS4.5 the item is 'off'....too low. If I rig it in DS4,5 and open in DS3, it's too high. I can't remember if I started with a zeroed K4 or not...

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    I think this was a suggestion Richard gave to me a while back when I had a similar (but not exact) problem from Modo:
    after you get the armor aligned, export only the armor from D|S, delete the current armor and re-import it, then try the Transfer Utility.

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