Trying to save a pose in Poser 2012 with the Genesis DAZ Horse 2

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Hi all

I'm having a problem saving a pose with the new DAZ Horse 2 in Poser 2012 as it's not remembering the pose correctly (mainly the neck and tail parameters are off ). It will save it if I include Morph Channels and Body transformation - which I don't want. The poses that I got from DAZ work fine. Just can't save any of my own properly. Is this a draw back of the Genesis / DSON figures in poser?

Any ideas? Is it because I don't have a .duf file to go along with the pose?


Well, I realise the reason now. After looking at the files I need a .py file too, which Poser doesn't create, so I saved Poser Companion files from DAZ to save the pose (I never use DAZ studio... so needed a bit of digging). Bit of a pain frankly. There may be an easier way but I'm no expert and am mostly a 2D artist and DAZ dislikes my Wacom Tablets where Poser doesn't.

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