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I just spent some time searching for the thread but no luck. A while back, I believe it was in the old forums, I had seen a thread where there were examples of deformers (or perhaps something else?) being applied to genesis to simulate soft body morphs, like, the butt being flattened when the figure is sitting, a finger actually causing a deformation when poking something, the sorts.

Was that real or am I imagining things? If it was real, how can it be done? Thanks.


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    That was actually the Collision Feature. You can Collide Genesis with other items and get that but it takes understanding how it works. Also know this about collision. Genesis can NOT collide againt itself, but can to another figure (genesis).

    This is a semi-physics thing. You can not Bounce things off things in animations or anything.

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    Ooh, ok. Are there any tutorials around regarding that? I'd like to learn how to use it. Thanks!

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