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Copying Morphs from one Prop to another
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Hello all you Poserers? Posites? Posethologists! Hello all you Posethologists out there!

I’m hoping you could help me, I’ve got a prop from the Daz store and it comes with one simple morph and then I’ve got another prop which I made myself and I imported into Poser from a .3ds file. Is there anyway I can copy the morph from that first prop and onto the second prop?

Thank you all who can help me or offer advice or anything! Really appreciate it!

Many thanks


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Morphs work on the basis that the two meshes have the same number of vertices and polygons. If your new props mesh is different from the Daz store prop then I’m afraid you won’t be able to use the morph on it. Even if they do have identical vertices and polygons, it’s unlikely they’ll have the same vertex order, so they’ll still be incompatible. That said, if you modelled it yourself all you need to do is edit it in 3DS to mold it to the new shape and then create a morph target out of the new mesh.


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To add to that, if I may… Any morph target you make will need to be in OBJ format. Poser doesn’t have the same range of options for applying a morph target as it does when importing a mesh.

Depending on your modeller, you’ll need to take care when exporting OBJ that your vertex order isn’t altered between the original model and the morph.

If you can give more detail on the morph you want to create, we may be able to help further.


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