Genesis Buttoned Heeled Shoes

WilmapWilmap Posts: 2,782
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After a great deal of help from Dollygirl, I have now got these shoes working.

Many thanks for all your help Dollygirl.

600 x 600 - 73K


  • DollyGirlDollyGirl Posts: 2,135
    edited December 1969

    You are most welcome wilmap. They are so appropriate for your clothing that it was a shame to let them go by the wayside. Looking forward to your new stuff. Lovely long dress dress by the way.

  • Alisa Uh-LisaAlisa Uh-Lisa Posts: 1,279
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    Lovely - thanks to both of you!

  • trumarcartrumarcar Posts: 487
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    These are beautiful! Thank you so much. (Smileys not available, but picture a big grin!)

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