Questions on morphs, textures (again) & dynamic clothes

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I'm full of questions today! Here goes:

1. After using autofit, the morphs connected to the item vanish, is there a way of keeping or regaining them. And after fitting clothes is there a way of moving them independant of the figure they're fitted to?

2. Thanks to the helpful people on this forum I now know how to add textures that didn't come with the actual props. Yay! But is there a way of finding out how many textures my computer can handle? For example, I once did a check on my graphics card and was informed it could only handle a certain number of lights. But I cant remember how I did that.

3. I may have asked this on the old forum, I can''t remember to be honest. How do I get dynamic clothes to work in DS? The clothes load but refuse to move/morph.

Thanks to anyone who can help.


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    2. Number of textures is kind of an irrelevant concept, since textures are all different sizes. If you're using stuff that's 512x512, you'll be able to use a lot more of them than 4000x4000, but the image quality in the final render might be lower, depending on how close to those textures you're shooting. I know what you're going for here, but I'm really not sure there's a reasonable answer.

    3. I admit that I'm using 3, but I heard the dynamic cloth plugin now works with DS4. Whether it's bundled with 4 Pro or not, I do not know. The clothing should move some with the figure it's fit to (and check the properties tab to make -sure- it's fit to a figure) but to get it to drape, you need to use the Dynamic Clothing tab and tell it to drape and what to collide with, and all that good stuff.

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    Dynamic Clothing will only work in DS4 if it is made for it. If it is Poser dynamic clothes then it won't work at all.

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    That's true of DS3 too, it would be more accurate to say only the OptiTex dynamic cloth made for DS will work in DS - and it is now working in DS4.

    As for morphs on converted clothing, in the beta 4.5 morphs are retained by conversion. In older versions you can export the morphed but otherwise zeroed original as OBJ and use Morph Loader Pro to bring it in as a morph, but note that that will also bring in the base shape of the original figure - a fix should be to load the unmorphed shape as a morph and set that to the opposite of the morph you are applying (so if you set SkirtFlare to .75, set the Victoria 4 shape to -.75 to leae only the flaring)

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    I know this has been covered elsewhere; but, it's an easy solution to making any 4th gen (and some 2nd and 3rd) clothes fit on Genesis and retain their morphs. This also works with character hair.

    1. When you add the clothes or hair to the seen and the autofit popup comes up, cancel out of it.
    2. Go to your scene tab and select the clothing or hair that you added.
    3. Then select Edit|Convert Figure to Weight Mapping. Select Triax on the next popup.
    3a. In the case of Hair.. I sometimes take this time to go to the edit menu and convert it to sub-d too.. this makes curlier hair a less jagged-ie at times. I've gotten good results from it.
    4. Now go to Assets|Transfer Utility on the scene tab. On the left side select "Scene Item: and then genesis from the drop down. below that, "Item Shape: and then select clone from the drop down. You'll get a popup and you choose from that list the character the clothing/hair item was originally created for.
    5. On the right side, select the clothing/hair item that you're converting.
    6. Click the "Show Options" button. Leave all the boxes checked that are checked(until you're a bit better at the transfer utility) and make sure to check the box titled "Reverse Source Shape From Target."
    7. Click "Accept" and let it do its magic.
    8. All your morphs SHOULD be there. From empirical observation, hair morphs are rarely on the base object. Some times you have to drill down until you get to the "head" or "neck" of the hair in order to find the morphs.
    9. As far as prop based hair goes, there is a way to convert hair from prop to character and then apply it the same way you would above. I just haven't played around with it enough to recite the steps off the top of my head.

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