Everyday for Dark Thorn (UPDATED with Poser files)

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A set of 10 textures each (plus some utility poses) for the shirt and vest from the Dark Thorn outfit. These presets work in DAZ Studio 4.5 and I have included some files that are supposed to work in Poser if you have DAZ's DSON Converter thingy. Probably. Sorry, Poser people, the new version of DAZ has confused me mightily. If anyone knows how the heck to (easily) convert MATs to Poser from DAZ 4.5, I am open to suggestion. :)

ETA: As of 3/10/13 this freebie has been updated to work with Poser and earlier versions of DAZ. I can haz brain, go me.

Get the textures at ShareCG. Enjoy!

500 x 500 - 137K
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    Okay, so I finally realized the way to get Poser files was to save the presets as .dsa files, pop open the copy of DAZ 3 I saved in case 4.5 went explody, and go through converting them to Poser MATs the way I used to. Yup, only took me a bit over a month to figure that one out. :roll: I blame the toddler, keeping up with her takes up way too many brain cells....

    At any rate, the download link above has been updated with files that should work in Poser and earlier versions of DAZ. If they don't, I probably screwed something up in the rather complicated process of converting them, it's the toddler's fault again, let me know and I'll fix it....

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    Thank you, this looks like a nice set!

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