Custom Morphs from Daz3d Studio to Hexagon and back.

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So I was trying the Custom Morph demo with the Bridge to hexagon and back. It worked. I did my little morph in hexagon sent it back and the dial popped up under shapes. Everything is great until I load a new genesis model. Now I want to apply the morph to the new Model, however the dials don't show up in the shape tab. If I click on the previously loaded genesis figure ( the one I originally did the morph with ) then I see the dial in the shapes tab. Click back to the new Genesis figure and the dial is no where to be found. What am I doing wrong?


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    You need to save the morph as an asset - File>Save as>Support Asset>DSF Morph. You will be aske for your name and the product name, and there will be a list below that from which to pick the morph(s) - the names control the names of the folders in which the files are saved within \data\DAZ 3D\Genesis\Base\Morphs. Once saved like that the morph will be available in all freshly loaded Genesis figures.

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