Does a PROP Hair version fit any character?

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I'm so very interested in Sapphire Fox Hair for my preschoolers and K4.
They say it comes with a prop version (.hr2) for "all of our favourite figures", too.

Will I be able to make it fit to them easily just by scaling and adjusting? And do props always fit any figure??

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    It will take some work, but in principle yes it should be possible to get it to fit any figure.

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    It would be more accurate to say "props can be made to fit any figure, with enough tweaking". Usually. Eventually. Hair props in particular can be a bit fiddly — it isn't too difficult to get close to a pretty good fit, with patience, but sometimes all you can do is just avoid looking at the hair from certain angles where it can't be fixed without a bit of remodelling.

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    Sometimes DAZ offers hair props with the comment: "fits the following characters"
    In the case of my wanted Sapphire Fox Hair they say: "for all of your favourite figures"

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    I agree with those who have responded above. The prop hair should fit "all your favorite figures" but it may take some work--it won't necessarily be easy or automatic. I've made a tutorial that (among other things) goes into some detail about how to fit prop hair to a figure it wasn't designed for:

    Hope you find it useful!

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