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Okay, clarify for me since I haven't started rendering yet-
The Freak 5 (Genesis) figure- I dislike those oversized hands- are their sliders in the parameters to adjust that? And other parts of the body? In other words if I want a more muscular person (more than the M5 would give) but not a HULK, then that can be done? This would probably be a good question for other newbies to know, as The Freak is very extreme in muscularity. (And who the heck named him that? Bodybuilders should be offended! )

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    If he works like other Genesis products, I'd think you could mix and match with other Genesis Morphs.

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    Well, The Freak is just that. One of those oversized Freaky Freaks. We have Muscle morphs for the other types. Think goliath type people when you use the Freak figures.

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    You don't need to use him at 100%, you can vary the slider till you get what you want, and as already said, you can mix and match as well.

    There is an image on the forums with some of each of the precvous freaks added together, it is hideous, but maybe his mommy loved him :)

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    Genesis has hand proportion sliders, so you can potentially use those to make the hands smaller. BUt as others said just dial him in slightly, or use some of the other muscle morph options out there.

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    Thanks folks :) Just got back from the ranch, it's 75 degrees and balmy so I wasn't think "freak" I was thinking "I'm staying outside as long as I can!" Appreciate the input.

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