I can't sign in to reset a download

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It is showing my name in the upper right hand corner, but when I try to go to My Account, it takes me to the sign in page so I can enter my email addy and password. It won't do anything. it acts like it is taking me to sign me in, but the sign in loads again. I want to reset a previous purchase and I cannot get in there to do so.

Thanks for the help in advance...Paula


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    Same here. It worked yesterday, not today.
    Even worse, the DAZ website is crashing my browser every time I try to leave it. When will they realize that this has gone on too long, and can not be fixed?

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    I am NOT john smith, james brown, rudy dweebbrain or any of the other names that keep appearing in the top corner, nor can I change it- same as the others- when I log in it just reloads the login page again with the details blank. One Item I clicked on in the shop to put in my cart from the other day is in there (when I had the same log in problem) but none of the others I selected is there.
    man this is frustrating!
    Fix it Daz - that is if you want to sell people anything!

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    If you log off on the page you are logged in on and then log in again it does solve a lot of problems.

    Also the temp fix that Daz_BFurner posted, which is in a stcky at the top of the forum is also helpful


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