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Is Hexagon still in development? Is it being worked on for an upgrade?


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    DAZ have development cycles for their apps, and there hasn't been one for Hex for a long time. DS and Carrara are getting work done at present, and I believe that Bryce is due too at some time, but I haven't heard anything about Hex either way. DAZ don't usually advertise what they are doing with their products, you just have to keep an eye on the forums.

    You could always write to Support and ask them?

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    Thanks for your response. In the past someone from Daz at least reassured us that it (HEX) would be continued.
    It is hard to get very serious about this app or has that train left the station a long time ago?

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    Why would you say that?

    Sure, we would all like to see Hex's bugs cleaned up an some nice modern bells and whistles added - but as it is, it can make any shape you need with it and it will continue to do so as long as it is supported by your OS. So, no reason not to take it seriously. I have an old copy of Amapi, which was discontinued years ago, but works just as well today as it ever did:)

    Seems to me that developers don't see any future for specialist modelers, with all the multi-purpose CG apps around. Silo has pretty much been abandoned, which leaves Anvil as the only serious contender in active development; and that is very much in Beta stage.

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    I would say that because of my OS. If it is slow to update the MacOS will make it obsolete. I speak of Mountain Lion.
    I also like the idea of the advancement of tools for productivity reasons. Lastly bugs, Hex has to many.

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    Aaah - then you would have good reason t be disappointed - bummer, man:(

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