Need nipple advice *Update*

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So, I was working around, using a seamless skin texture for my own skin map...sort of worked (may be too low-res for a skin for these days, but not worried about that yet)

So, I got the texture laid out...looks sort of strange without nipples...look even stranger with me trying to paint them on

Anyway to add any or would it be just better to leave the nipples alone.

Link to the MAT: deleted


So, I looked around for skin tutorial, and played around in gimp

The left 1 looks nicer (our right)...but I'm not sure what else to do it (and after I rendered the picture, I didn't notice how bad the noise filter was on the skin, but at least there is texture)

Any advice in how to make them better...

No, I'm not bloody using reference photos, and I'm not going to take them from photos either

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    It is entirely up to you. If you want nipples, paint them in, if you don't, then leave it. It is your texture after all.

    If you ever get around to making sellable quality textures, you will probably need to create two, one which will be called NG (no genitals), and another with them. If you look at any of the suppled textures with Genesis or Victoria 4, you will see how they do it.

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    Was trying to figure out how to paint them on...didn't turn out too well in my attempt, unless I can find brushes to help with that

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    You could always load one of the supplied textures that has them, and it will show you how it is done. You could also 'clone' them, using the clone brush, and use that. As long as you are not selling these as your own work, if you are just using them for your own renders, it will be all right.

    People who make professional textures buy 'Merchant Resources', which are skins made from photos, and they are allowed to copy them, assuming that they change a faairly large percentage of the origianl to make it theirr own. If you Google Merchant Resources, you will see what is available in some of the stores. There are some here too I believe.

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    or get live models and photograph them
    lol, you could try using an image of your own nipple as a brush!

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    update *look in 1st post*

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