How to "fully" use imported .OBJ?

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I downloaded a gun in .obj format that when unzipped created a .mtl. a .obj, and a subdir called "Texture". When I imported the .obj I got the object but no texture.

I did point to the obj using "Other Imported Formats" and it at least shows the Texture subdir but nothing else.

Do I have to move the Texture dir somewhere, or do I copy the contents somewhere, or what?

Also, I noticed that the hand grip is supposed to be a cut out area but is actually all filled in. Any thoughts?

The gun in question is from Turbosquid:



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    I just downloaded this OBJ, and it is a mess. I sent it to Hex, and it has a lot of trinagles, and several 'non-manifold edges', and I don;t think you will ever get it to work properly in either DS or Poser. The LWO one may work better, if you have a program that can open them.

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    So it is what it is then. Thanks.

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    Yeah...grab the LWO package, instead of the OBJ. In it is the 3ds version,

    Use this to view the 3ds file. Then in Propviewer, Weld and fix normals. Then export as an obj or pp2...that will fix the 'no cutout' and a couple of other geometry problems. Then import it, size it and manually apply the diffuse colors...

    The 'black' is really a dark gray with the value 50 50 50, the blue is 0 40 80 and the metal is the same as the black. Specular color for the black is 26 26 26 and for the metal it's 51 51 51...the texture map is applied to the bump channel on the metal material...]

    Jimmy...yeah, it's a rather poor obj conversion...the LWO and 3DS versions are much better.

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    Wow...thank you!

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    Just wanted to post a followup - thank you again. I've been having loads of fun mucking about with Sharecg and other sites I found. And thank you for pointing me to the Propviewer utility - very handy!

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