Using a Poser character in DS4

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I'm setting up SadieXprssnMagic and creating the two morph dials using the first method described in the PDF doc. This calls for: Save the figure in Poser and open in DAZ Studio.
My question is How do I open a Poser character in DAZ?


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    You can use SadieXprssnMagic within Daz Studio. I'm not sure why you need to use both applications. Still, Poser figures are fully supported by Daz, you just need to open the Content Library and look under "Poser Format". Assuming you know the layout of your Runtime folder, it should be easy enough to find it. Mine is under Poser Content -> Poser Pro 2010 -> Figures -> 3D Universe -> Sadie. Your directory will likely vary depending on whether you installed it to your Daz folder or your Poser folder, and also depending on your version.

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    Thanks, using Poser was one of the options, however since posting I figured out the second method (in the instruction PDF) which doesn't involve Poser and have used that instead.

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