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Okay stupid user question here.
I am working on setting up my Content Library to have Metadata so I can use the Smart Content better.
So I am trying to set up my Victoria Morphs and Materials (ie makeup and skin mats)

For morphs I am setting up: preset> morph
The compatibly as Generation 4> Victoria 4
This results in the preview images getting the tags of Shapes and Materials
Then process metadata queue... go to smart content... and nothing... nada, zip.
What am I doing wrong?


note: edited so the pictures contain no nudity (oops!)

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    there are two comaptibility ^^;
    (I know,, it often confused user)

    1 is compatibility base, it need only o set about figure.cr2 or accessory or, prop,hair
    you can load the object by click these icons.

    then when you declared as ,, means,, you set compatibility base..

    2 is comaptibility with.

    you set materials and morphs ,,, compatibility base as Generation 4> Victoria 4.

    simply think,,, material is not Victoria 4, as you know.

    so you need to remove compatibility base,, from morphs and materials or poze files.
    these files can not have compatibility base, need not set compatibliity base.

    on the other hand,,
    you need to set compatibility with

    that means,, each material presets or inj or rem files are need comaptibility with, figure or prop etc,
    when you select the those base , if presets are assgiend with the base (by compatibility with)
    you can show them on smart content.

    and I recommend,, almost every V4 material preset are work not only V4 but Also genesis,
    so I set compatibility with,, (V4 and genesis) you can set two or three compatibility with..
    it seems important,, .

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    Thank you for the help!
    Using those steps I was able to get my materials to show up under the "Surfaces (Colors)" Tab, but they still do not show up under the "Smart Content" tab, is that normal?
    How do I get the morphs to set up properly?
    I changed the Compatibility the way I did on the Materials file, but is there another step? Their images in the Content Library show up as having the "Shapes" logo on them, should they be actors?

    edit: okay I noted that the Morphs are now under the "Shaping" tab, but not under the "Smart Content"
    I would still like them to come up under the "smart content" if possible.

    Thank you,

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    edit: okay I noted that the Morphs are now under the "Shaping" tab, but not under the "Smart Content"
    I would still like them to come up under the "smart content" if possible.

    Thank you,

    Do they show up if you have Genesis loaded and selected?

    Smart Content is also context sensitive...

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    Ahhh thank you!
    Yes they show up when I have a Genesis or a V4 figure selected! Yeah!


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    Another question to add to my list:
    What do Tags and Description do? Do they do anything specific? What should I use them for?

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    see pic please.

    then,, the benefit of Smart content is when you select one items in the scene,
    only with which assigned compatibility assets filltered then show in Smart Content.

    about some type files,, they need to be shown only you select the "base items"
    it is decided by "type" not "category"

    eg we need to show wear, even though we do select nothing in scene.
    and need to show wear , when select the figure which the wear can fit to.

    but about Preset material or inj file,, usually, they do not need. without select something in the scene.
    because,, we can not never apply materials or inj , or rem fiels , without select something.

    So that if you select nothing ,, you can not see "type material, or poze" in smart contents.

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    Thank you again!


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