Does any one have any tips for fog?

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I tried the fog in the Carrara scene area...but my results have been dismal. I am attempting to make a thin ground fog on the floor of the recent forest sold here on DAZ.



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    I like the primivol plugin at Comes with 4 or 5 fog presets.

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    HI Misticwolf :)

    You can use the Fog primitive and you can have several different fog primitives in the scene,. all with different settings, and you can use the Scale tool to make large flat fog "Box" or make a "Sphere" shaped fog, and then scale it in the scene.

    You could also use the Surface replicator to distribute fog primitives in the scene, and to vary the size and rotation of them ,.
    or, use the "Distance fog" in the scene atmosphere section.

    but you can also use the "Volumetric cloud" to create a fog effect,. you'll need to scale it down to fit your scene.

    Finally, and the quickest and easiest method .... Post production.
    Use an image editor to composite a Fog or Volumetric cloud rendered out with Alpha channel, and adjust the opacity as required.

    Hope it helps :)

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    Thank you for the advice. I will try it.


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    I've had pretty good results with the volumetric clouds trick. They look even better animated. Like they said - flat box, close to the ground.

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    AS far as inside carrara GIVE up! Do post edit or a plug in! Its not worth the endless render time

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