Do I need Hexagon or Bryce as well as DAZ?

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I am reading about these other packages, but am not sure if they are necessary to run DAZ?


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    Hi and welcome to Daz Studio,

    The short answer is no, you do not need any other applications to use Daz Studio. Daz Studio is a posing and animation program and as such you create scenes by using purchased or free content made by other people. You're a photographer in a photography studio so to speak.

    DAZ the company does have other softeware packages though because some people want more than to be just the photographer. Prerhaps you want to create your own clothing, buildings, vehicles and so on. For this you would need a modeling program which is exactly what Hexagon is.

    Or perhaps you want to create your own environments with majestic mountains, valleys and lakes. It is towards this purpose that Bryce is used althought the experts will tell you that Bryce can do quite a bit more than just terrains. I'm still trying to get my mountains to behave! :lol:

    There's also Carrara which can do a bit of everything but it's not free. It can create landscapes, you can model in it and you can pose and animate in it. It does have a physics engine though as well as particles (fire, smoke, etc.) and dynamic hair. Again, I cant even keep my own hair in place so I havent tried that yet.

    So yeah, if you're just getting started then don't worry about the rest for now. I would advise you to 'purchase' Bryce and Hexagon if they are still free just so that you don't miss out on them later on.

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    too late, no longer free but still cheap

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    Bummer. Ah well, nothing remains free forever. Lol. :lol:

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    thanks very much for your help :)

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    Bryce and Hex were originally offered as part of a 3d "Suite" because with the 3 program you had a group of prgrams that would do just about everything you need to do, and Both Bryce and Hex are associated with DS by their relevant bridges, making it easy to move things from one to another.

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    Okay, I think this might be a Bit much for a user New to the software. I'll be blunt if I may.

    1. No. Daz Studio does not Require the other programs to work.
    2. It will include all the files you need to get started in the 3D art world.
    3. Hexagon is a modeling program that works with Daz Studio to hand make NEW items (Content) and other items but Not Needed.
    4. Bryce is a Render program (Make pictures) of landscapes AND a tool to Make items like Hexagon but not just A Model Program. Also not Needed to use Daz Studio.
    5. DS (Daz Studio) is a stand alone program for Making 3D Art using Content (Items) that you load and edit to make the Art you dream up as long as you learn how to use it and have the items to use.

    So in Short DS is stand alone. It comes with all the files you need to get started, it is designed to use Content (items) made to use in it and Poser. All you need is DS, time to learn and the items (((Content) People, Settings, or other) for sale or Free ) to make your Art with.

    I hope this helps you some.

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    it does. Thank you :)

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