Wooden Pallisade / Walls, Gates, and Villages

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I'm trying to assemble a nice collection on items for medieval / fantasy scenes. I have a few things, but I'm having trouble finding a good wooden pallisade and gate that will work in DS 4.5 Most of what I have seen available seems more appropriate for a garden scene or a more developed city. There aren't very many rough wooden fort / village items.

Can anyone recommend a good wooden wall / pallisade and gate, and any other items that would go well with that theme that I might have missed?

Some of the items available at http://www.miryestore.com/product.php?productid=16763&cat=562&page=1 seem especially nice, but I don't know how well some of the items work in DS 4.5, since some of them say they are for Poser with no mention of DS. Has anyone used any of these products in DS 4.5, and if so, how well did they work out?



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    There's some nice stuff available at

    http://www.poserdirect.com/ (the $10 deal is fantastic)

    Most all of it will load in DS4.x with no problems. At base settings it renders OK, but with some tweaking of the surface settings, improvements can be dramatic.

    Most of the stuff over Mirye store is the same...you'll need to tweak the surfaces to get the best results in DS4.x.

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    Thanks for the info, I will have a look.

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